Update! (finally)

Well, it’s been a while. Sorry for the delay in posting :/

It’s been a few weeks since I picked up the MacBook Pro and it has been pretty uneventful. I thought switching to Mac would be more difficult, but so far I have had no problems. I haven’t had the need to use Windows at all since getting the MBP and I have managed to find Apps to replace most of the programs that I use regularly on Windows. I’ll post some updates soon to write about what things that I have found annoying and things that I have surprised me.

I have updated the Software Essentials page with a few of the Apps and things that I have found useful.

See you soon 🙂

The MacBook Pro has arrived!

That’s right! Yesterday afternoon I picked up the new MacBook Pro 🙂

I’ve had about a day to play around with it and it is pretty cool. Hardware wise, the glowing keyboard is very sleek and it feels very nicely built, much better than most of the PC laptops I’ve used recently. The two finger scrolling and right-clicking with the touchpad is very cool, makes the touchpad much more usable, and means I won’t feel the need to have to drag an extra mouse around when I’m out and about.

As for the software, OS X is very nice. The are a few things that I’ll need to get used to, but overall it looks nice and most things just seem to work. A quick example is when I plugged in an external monitor this afternoon, OS X automatically detected it and extended the desktop onto that monitor without me having to do anything, which is something that I have never seen Windows do. I have found quite a few cool little applications that can do all sorts of stuff, but I’ll write about those another day.

MacBook Pro in ~2 weeks

So, yesterday I stopped by Infinite Systems yesterday and put down a deposit on a new MacBook Pro which I should get in about two weeks. The reason for the delay is because I wanted more ram and a bigger hard disk which makes it a custom order.

While we were there, Mum picked up a MacBook for herself as she was looking to buy a laptop.  She plans on traveling around the world with my sister at the end of the year, so this should come in handy.  I had a bit of fun mucking around with it this weekend and now i can’t wait for mine to arrive.

Photos on deviantart

I’ve started putting up some of my photos on deviantart.

Here is the first one. It was taken at the riverfire festival in 2005.

Riverfire Silhouette

Link to Deviation